Acceda a los resultados de los análisis a través de CommonHealth

Las mujeres embarazadas reciben los resultados de los análisis por teléfono

Excelentes noticias para los usuarios de Android. We previously shared that Apple users can access test results through Apple Health. Now, Android users can do the same through the CommonHealth mobile application. BioReference Laboratories permite acceder a los resultados de los análisis a través de CommonHealth en dispositivos Android. This new offering makes it easy to centralize your health records from multiple healthcare providers whenever you choose, including your laboratory results.

How to Get Your Test Results on CommonHealth

In just a few steps get your BioReference test results connected to your Android device through CommonHealth:

  • Download the CommonHealth app
  • Go to “Add Data Source”
  • Search for BioReference Laboratories
  • Click “Add Data Source” button
  • Connect to the BioReference Patient Portal to authenticate and add the source
  • Confirm your personal information

All set!

Once connected, CommonHealth will regularly check for new records and keep you informed on availability of any new test results.

If you don’t have a BioReference Patient Portal account, sign-up by visiting:

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