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BioReference ayuda a dar la patada inicial del gran partido

Si bien el enfrentamiento entre Cincinnati y Los Ángeles empezó hace algunas semanas, el partido también marcó un hito para el equipo de BioReference. Desde el primer momento, BioReference ha estado en la primera fila del plan de partidos durante la pandemia: desde horas planificando la logística hasta pruebas a toda hora y viajes con los equipos. Estamos compartiendo […]

Pandemic Sports Playbook: Meet our Teams Backing the Big Game

February is a big month in the world of sports, from skills competitions to international qualifiers – and the game we’ve all been waiting for. As the competition kicks off in Los Angeles, we’re highlighting the critical plays that go into supporting your favorite teams with COVID-19 testing.  Pandemic Sports Playbook: Meet our Teams Backing […]

COVID-19 Testing for Sports Fans

BioReference has been providing COVID-19 testing for sports fans since early 2021 when the Buffalo Bills hosted the Wild Card game in January. It was the first time fans had been welcomed in the stadium since the pandemic began, and testing was mandatory in order to attend. Since then, BioReference has provided countless COVID-19 fan […]

COVID-19 Game Plan

Getting back to Playing Ball The days are getting shorter, there is a cool crisp in the air, and the leaves are changing colors; it’s undoubtedly fall. The return of the autumnal season also means football has kicked-off, baseball playoffs are here, basketball is just beginning, hockey players are ready to hit the ice, and […]

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